Arusha Shuttle Moshi Private

Arusha Shuttle Moshi Private bus operates on a daily basis from Nairobi vice versa. Five Stars Arusha Shuttle is the most trusted way to travel into Kenya and Tanzania via Namanga border.  Have 10 years of experience transporting our clients to Kenya’s Nairobi and Tanzania’s Arusha and Moshi.  We provide a simple and hassle free way to book your reservations and handle your transportation needs.  We customize all our services keeping in mind your safety to provide a comfortable. Experience for you and your party as you travel into East Africa.

Moshi Nairobi travel in style :

with Tanzania Luxury shuttle Bus & coaches
Nairobi Arusha shuttle bus 30 usd Book Now
Nairobi shuttle bus 40usd Book now,
Daily shuttle bus services to Marangu 70usd, Book now.
luxury Car hire from Nairobi to Moshi 350usd Book now.
Nairobi to Marangu private transfer 400usd Book now.
Tanzania luxury shuttles & coaches guarantees comfort and satisfaction.
Nairobi Arusha Marangu Kilimanjaro luxury shuttle bus
Arusha Luxury shuttle bus & coaches offers large range of vehicle starting from wedding car,transport for conferences.

Private car hire ,self drive saloon cars, shuttle bus services Chauffeured Limousines service. We also organize conferences transport. team building and private car hire for within Kenya and outside. Kenya and Tanzania transfers from Nairobi (Kenya) –

Moshi – Marangu Hotel Kilimanjaro

Namanga (border) – Arusha (Tanzania ) – Moshi – Marangu Hotel and Mt. Kilimanjaro. We also offer Chauffeured Limousines services. Tanzania luxury shuttles & coaches is the luxury coach charter division of Unitrans Passenger. It is rated as one of the leading coach companies in East Africa. With a well established portfolio of blue chip clients.

With a fleet in excess of 80 expertly driven and well maintained vehicles, Tanzania luxury shuttle bus & coaches between NairobiNamanga – Arusha – Moshi- marangu shuttle bus & shuttle bus hire
Through the years, Tanzania luxury shuttles & coaches has built a reputation for providing reliable, safe and cost effective transport solutions.

The strategy is to enter into lasting relationships with clients by adopting a professional yet personal approach in all our business dealings.

Tanzania luxury shuttle bus & coaches services is a well known company in the tourist shuttle scene Serving clients travelling mainly Kenya and Tanzania to do safaris, Trekking kilimanajaro also business trip.
4pax Private transfer from Nairobi Jomo Kenyatta airport to Arusha 250 usd
10pax Private transfer from Nairobi Hotel to Arusha 300 usd
4pax Private transfer from Nairobi Jomo Kenyatta airport to Moshi 350 usd
15pax Private transfer from Nairobi Jomo Kenyatta airport to Arusha 350 usd


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