Areas we cover Arusha Shuttle’s primary aim at inception was to make the booking and use of transfers as easy as possible. As a result, we’ve spent, and continue to spend, an enormous amount of our budget on development of improved booking methods and reservation management systems. While these are extremely complex within our business environment (with so many moving parts having to be integrated), our ultimate goal is to make the booking process simple and overall experience as stress free for you as possible. Our online booking system now allow bookings to be completed and confirmed in under 60 seconds. That is as good as you will find anywhere else in the world and we believe we set the benchmark in Kenya. As a result of this strategy Arusha Shuttle now processes 60% of its bookings online or automatically through various third party booking providers making this an online service you can trust. We continue to develop our services to be in line and in some cases lead the industry globally.

Lastly, Arusha Shuttle aims to provide you with maximum value. We embrace the adoption of Uber in our market since it has grown our market tremendously and it certainly has a vital role to play. Areas we cover However, where Arusha Shuttle takes it to the next level is that it owns its vehicles, employs its drivers full time and has a local call center to service you. We are heavily invested in every transfer we conduct…and we care. We really care what you think of us! We have therefore set a minimum level of quality that we are prepared to provide our service at and we have matched the lowest possible price required to deliver that quality – no compromises. We still think that you’ll find our prices very reasonable.

So what can you expect when you book Arusha Shuttle? Well, whether you book online, via e-mail ( or telephone ( 0710354845), you can expect to interact with technology that works and people who are eager to assist you in finalizing your transfer booking as speedily and professionally as possible. Once your booking is complete, you will receive and e-mail and SMS confirming your booking with us and also providing you with all our terms and conditions and your unique reservation number. We will then send you another SMS the day prior to your ravel to ensure that you know we have you covered. Areas we cover Lastly, we will send you and SMS 15 minutes prior to your pickup time with your drivers contact details as well as a link to his online profile and picture (for security reasons).