Arusha Nairobi Shared Shuttle Only with us, then thanks to an innovative booking system called SHARED OPTION if you manage to share transfer by other customers of our site

you will receive an additional discount of the minimum guaranteed fare.

Check in real time if there is “SHARED OPTION” for your reservations. If otherwise you are the first to book on that day, in that time and to that destination.

proceed with the confirmation of service at the cheapest price you can find on other sites and if you then one customer will share your transfer, we will notify you by mail the add discount.

At Arusha Shuttle we offer customers a choice between sharing their transport with another party, or booking for a single party.

Shuttles or shared rides transport several parties or customers in an apppropriately-sized vehicle. Customers may have to wait for other parties booked on the vehicle to arrive.

The vehicle will make additional stops based on the preferences of each party.

Private transfers are booked according to the time and route requirements of the customer, and are not shared with any other party.

As soon as the customer has met the driver, the party will depart with no waiting or additional stops.

From the airport

Upon arrival at your destination, proceed to baggage claim to pick up your luggage first. You will receive a text message or mobile notification from us,

prompting you to check in for your ride. Once you check in, you will receive instructions on your mobile device guiding you to your pickup location within the terminal.

Don’t have a mobile device? No problem! A number of Arusha Shuttle airport locations have on-site ticket counters. Please navigate to the ticket counter located inside baggage

claim or outside on the curb and a service representative will assist you. In addition, you can refer to your email receipt for detailed airport instructions upon landing.

Forgot to reserve your ride in advance? Also not a problem! On demand service from the airport is available in most airports.

Grab a ride via the Arusha Shuttle app or speak with a curbside representative to grab a ride on the go.

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Arusha Nairobi Shared Shuttle

Arusha Nairobi Shared Shuttle( Arusha Nairobi Shared Shuttle )

Bus Type :Shared Shuttle
Passenger Capacity :23
Boarding Point
  • Arusha
  • Arusha
Dropping Point
  • Nairobi
  • Nairobi


  • Arusha
  • Arusha