SGR Advance Ticket Booking

SGR Advance Ticket Booking. SGR Madaraka Express train is the direct train currently ferrying passengers between Nairobi and Mombasa which are the largest cities in Kenya. For tourists and travelers visiting Kenya, Mombasa and Nairobi are destinations one cannot afford to miss.

The train has two classes: Economy class and First class. These are the SGR Madaraka Express train schedule, timings, ticket fares and destinations. Ticket price for the economy class is Kshs 1000 while that of First Class is Kshs 3000.

Booking SGR Madaraka express train tickets have been a challenge given the high number of people traveling daily between these two destinations. It is advisable to purchase the tickets for about Three to Four days in advance or use a reliable agent to do the reservation for you for exampe Impala Shuttles.

A maximum of 30 kg is allowed on the train. They have provisions to store your luggage. It should not measure more than 1.6 m in height, width, and breadth. Check the Kenya Railways Website for other conditions of permitted and non-permitted goods and items.

How to get from Nairobi city to the SGR train station?

Impala Shuttles does daily private and shared transfers from the city center to the train station every day. The main station is at a walking distance from the main road. We charge 4500ksh for a vehicle carrying 1 to 3 persons for private transfer. The shared shuttle charges are 1500ksh per person. We also do pick ups at the train station and drop offs to hotels in Nairobi or city hotels.

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SGR Advance Ticket Booking Reservation